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hair edit // routine.

  photo by colleen eversman of  2ndtruth photography  for  mysister.org

photo by colleen eversman of 2ndtruth photography for mysister.org

people often ask me what my hair routine is and i'll be the first one to admit i don't really have one. i'm the kind of girl that brushes her eyebrows instead of her hair. thankfully, i have a slew of hair products that help to tame my unruly lion's mane.

i recently paid a visit to evolution hair salon where they not only toned down my brassy blondes but sent me home with lanza haircare products (which are only available @ evolution locally) that have become my daily saviors. 

keratin healing oil cleansing cream - for the days i don't want to strip my hair with the harshness of shampoos and conditioners, but still want the feel of clean hair.

keratin healing oil - like Moroccan oil, but better. i rub a dollop-sized drop in my hands and run through my hair. it doubles as a de-tangler and helps to dry my hair quicker, not to mention leaving it silky & smooth as opposed to using a blow dryer.

healing style beach spray - so great for someone like me who has little time for styling - it gives me the natural, beachy waves pictured above.

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