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LA Photo Diary.

photos by jack chandler (with some iphone quality pics thrown in c/o me)

i've been wanting to share my most recent LA photo diary for a long time now but there were just sooooo many pictures to go through and even this final cut is kind of overkill. woopsies! but i'm sort of an oversharer/TMI-er so did you really expect any less? :)

i'm not huge into celebrating valentine's day, but the bf was super proactive and booked us tickets over christmas. our trip was accompanied by perfect sunny skies & 80 degree weather every day. i tried to be less touristy with this itinerary but had to throw in some of my favorite spots including: LACMA, santa monica beach, malibu pier and the last book store. we got to check out the rolling stones exhibit at taschen gallery, had delicious ramen in silver lake, took more photos than jack ever wanted to on el matador beach, did an art crawl in downtown LA, spent too long browsing everything/anything at the melrose trading post flea market, ate sushi in the valley next to MURRAY aka donald faison, and relived my poolhouse years by staying in a guesthouse airbnb that included an outdoor fireplace, chandliers in the backyard and a huge mural next to the bed. and like the classy girl i am, instead of a fancy valentine's dinner at a five star restaurant, i was determined to eat at a louisiana style crawfish joint (see last photo) to which the boyfriend obliged. #MostPerfectTripEver i'd say.