Hi. I'm Davee.

Welcome to my blog where I document my adventures in style, travel + all things MPLS. Mantra: I'm a firm believer that life is better all the way turnt up (keyword: turnt). Fair warning: I have a tendency to recite rap lyrics as a form of verbal communication (see last sentence for reference).

thank you.

tie-front romper: khamphian vang | blazer: h&m | slip on sneakers: h&m | hat: target

Wanted to give a formal thanks to Startrib, especially Aimee Blanchette for the recent #bestofmn award (personally, between you & I - I think Lila should've won). I really didn’t want to get all sappy on you guys, but I’ve always believed that if you have a platform – you should use it to promote positive messages. (This is why I promote everything/anything this lady does – she poops positivity).

Anyway, let me tell you a story: growing up, I was not the pretty girl, the popular girl, best dressed, girl w/the prettiest hair, most likely to succeed or whatever other labels you kids give each other. In fact, I was always the odd ball. The one who often got asked “what are you wearing?” and not in that glamorous red carpet tell-me-what-you’re-wearing type of way, but more so because they were genuinely concerned that I might’ve gotten dressed in the dark. But I never cared, never conformed – I was a shy little thing back then (still am) and clothes were a form of expression for me, it was a way for me to be loud where vocally I was not. And one day, I started blogging my weird, sometimes ridiculous outfits and miraculously, people took a liking to it. It all comes down to one thing, staying true to yourself -- which me brings me to the Pollen Redux event I was recently asked to speak at. We were given the task of putting together an anecdote on the topic of influence. Wanted to reshare mine with you all, whom my great & beautiful friend Ms. Joan Erakit helped me with:

I believe the work that I do has influences and inspires people because in this ever-changing fashion environment, I stay true to myself. I don't follow trends or dress like the quintessential "it" girl.  I'm attracted to colors, patterns, architecture, food, relationships and people.  These different aspects of life all influence the way that I dress, and the way that I style.  I think people appreciate my sense of wonder, and my ability to express complicated emotions and stories through styling.  Mostly, I think people relate to me because they can each find something in my personality or in my work that reflects something in them.  Being unique is attractive.  Being different is advantageous.  Influence is about relationships, it's about allowing people to see a simple part of themselves in you.

summer art shop preview.

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