Hi. I'm Davee.

Welcome to my blog where I document my adventures in style, travel + all things MPLS. Mantra: I'm a firm believer that life is better all the way turnt up (keyword: turnt). Fair warning: I have a tendency to recite rap lyrics as a form of verbal communication (see last sentence for reference).

black white.

photos by emma webb

crop top: nordstrom | shorts: l'agence from arrow | sneakers: nike | sunnies: karen walker

sundays are rough. i suffer from a disorder known as poolside syndrome. symptoms include: living in a poolhouse (hence making avoiding the pool extremely difficult), replacing undergarments with bikinis, smelling like chlorine and substituting showers with dips in the pool. yeah, my landlord/roomie was pretty disgusted at the last one too. 

on top of all that, sundays are usually dedicated to doing absolutely nothing - that, brunch and watching game of thrones (which is the reason why i'm posting this so late). that hardly makes room for blogging...but alas, here i am.

couple things to share: i got myself an assistant (welcome, emma!) and she is the bee's knees, started biking to work (okay, like twice so far) & spoke at a women's leadership event(more on that in a different blog post to come). in a gist - i've been doing a lot of things that scare me, because #yolo! no, but in all seriousness, not sure what's gotten into me or if i should be worried? k, it's late, i'm rambling - g'night! xo.

lunch date.

watch me.