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khamphian vang

khamphian vang

photos by irv briscoe

loved: khamphian vang's ethnic-inspired prints + leather crop top + culotte trousers, the styling addition of see eyewear & hats from goorin bros, the headpieces + bold patterns from kjurek, the gold lamé trousers + skirt from tessa louise, the beauty aspect: models with slicked back, wet-like hair and muted make-up with gold/bronze undertones, caroline hayden's understated glamour as per usual, the normcore trend (you know how much i love the socks + sandals combination) featured in cliché's segment & their closing statement, "you're not special." 

hated: during the runway segments on more than one occasion, people were still walking to their seats, spilling drinks, dropping their cups and even their cell phones from the balcony above onto the runway. on top of it being flat out rude, it was dangerous (the spillage). i'm starting to think cliché's statement was a nod at those people that lacked a little - what should we call it? common sense.

the gist: as it always is with envision, it was a great show with tons of talented folks, but the audience could be worked on. #sorryimnotsorry. the ladies at ignite models work hard to put on a great production -- from the logistics to the overall vision/ambiance of the show. let's not ruin it because we can't keep our drinks in our hands or get to our seats on time, shall we? 

what to wear: vacation.

thylane blondeau.