Hi. I'm Davee.

Welcome to my blog where I document my adventures in style, travel + all things MPLS. Mantra: I'm a firm believer that life is better all the way turnt up (keyword: turnt). Fair warning: I have a tendency to recite rap lyrics as a form of verbal communication (see last sentence for reference).

taking back sunday.


throwback tshirt: from bamboozle circa 2006 | parachute pants: gifted | flannel: uniqlo | ostrich heels: kate spade (thrifted) | necklace: β„… lionette by noa sade

watched grey gardens over the weekend and witnessing the beales' tendency to dress up in fancy furs and jewels while living in complete squalor reminded me a little of someone i know - myself. you would think that revelation would be enough to encourage me to clean up my living corridors, but nope, not i.

though, i will assure you, i do not own 20 stray cats or raccoons - just one mean dog that's starting to resemble something of a chupacabra.

also, shout out to daylight savings! coming home from work while it's still sunny out is something i never knew i missed so much until now. 


red dress recap.