Hi. I'm Davee.

Welcome to my blog where I document my adventures in style, travel + all things MPLS. Mantra: I'm a firm believer that life is better all the way turnt up (keyword: turnt). Fair warning: I have a tendency to recite rap lyrics as a form of verbal communication (see last sentence for reference).

photo by michael dodes of millcitymen
hair & makeup by amber heckert

i'm annoyingly huge on quotes, the interpretation of dreams, spiritual stuff and this past weekend apparently - tarot cards. my tarot card reader? a gal holding a can of PBR at a house-warming party. this would normally be a recipe for hilarity and all things non-serious, but at the flip of each card came an explanation that read me like a book. and as generic and vague as it might've been, it told me everything i needed to know in two words: let go.

and who would i be if i didn't leave you with yet another quote? this time, from our childhood friend - winnie (da pooh). 

how lucky i am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard? 

The In-Between.