Hi. I'm Davee.

Welcome to my blog where I document my adventures in style, travel + all things MPLS. Mantra: I'm a firm believer that life is better all the way turnt up (keyword: turnt). Fair warning: I have a tendency to recite rap lyrics as a form of verbal communication (see last sentence for reference).

photos by michael dodes of mill city men
make-up + hair by amber heckert
special appearance by sweet, sweet chuckie (bka charlie)

[outfit 1] vest: zara | bodysuit: american apparel | heels: zara | cuff: h&m
[outfit 2] vintage braves jersey: patricia field nyc | heels: steve madden | hat: coal headwear from martinpatrick3 | sunnies: karen walker | clutch: shoemint
[outfit 3] blazer + matching shorts: h&m | heels: steve madden | sunnies: karen walker | tote: h&m

in honor of bey-day, i wanted to share a preview of a photoshoot where i accidentally ended up looking like the halfrican queen beysus. totally not our intention at all, but once the 'fro was formed - there was no turning back. enjoy + happy bey day - hope you're celebrating with a heavy rotation of beyonce on your playlist! x.


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