Hi. I'm Davee.

Welcome to my blog where I document my adventures in style, travel + all things MPLS. Mantra: I'm a firm believer that life is better all the way turnt up (keyword: turnt). Fair warning: I have a tendency to recite rap lyrics as a form of verbal communication (see last sentence for reference).


photos by Melinda Guajardo of Imperfectly Distinguished

oversized vest: Zara | leather jacket (worn underneath vest): Bar III | dress: Zara | heels: Zara | carry-all clutch: AA | cuffs worn as ankle bracelets: Mina's

(PS. these photos were taken at the DL Brand Cognac party I attended over the weekend, because like a true Cambodian - I just can't resist Hennessy in all its glorious forms.)

I have no regard for actual hashtags, I make up my own sh*t. Thought it might be fun to accompany this post with some throwback facts of myself. These factoids were derived from one of those chain e-mails you would get during work & because you hated your job & refused to work, you did the survey. The year: 2009. The request: state 25 random facts, habits and goals about yourself. Amazing how some things don't change. 
1. I've had my nose pierced 3 times, the first time I did it myself. 
2. My favorite cereals are Cheerios (it's good for your <3, if you have one that is) & Frosted Flakes. 
3. I have no sense of punctuality. (I'm not talking about periods & commas.) 
4. As a 2nd job/work study, I tutor FOB's (fresh off the boat folks or, in layman's terms: elder immigrants who don't speak English well) twice a week. Last summer, my moms was in my class. 
5. Verbage > Oral. I like writing, hate talking.
6. I have 3 tattoos, I want the one on my lower back removed - it was a product of #teenageangst  
7. I like baggy clothes ie: men's baggy cargo shorts, baggy sweats, baggy trousers & oversized tees and sometimes I like sagging my pants. 
8. I read the dailyKos.com every morning @work, my favorite section is the "Abbreviated Pundit Round-Up".. the one-stop pundit shop, chyeeeea boyyyyy! It's basically a round-up of quotes of the day from mostly (not all) idiots that somehow get to call themselves political analysts, writers or news anchors. 
9. I <3 Stephen Colbert & Joel McHale. 
10. I'm creepily obsessed with the following: Barack Obama, Edward Cullen (or all the Cullens!) & Harry Potter.. I just realized with the exception of the first, these aren't even real people.
11. I like boy names for girls ie, Charlie, Riley, James, Bobby, Billie, etcetera etcetera.
12. Contrary to what you might believe, I'm actually SUPER shy & quiet. 
13. Contemplating law school because I still have yet to decide if I really want to die an early death. 
14. I have a teddy bear on my bed almost the size of me named Potatoes. Don't ask. 
15. In kindergarten, I punched a boy in the face because he told me he loved me. (I have committal issues) 
16. In 2nd grade, I kicked a boy in the penis because he wouldn't quit teasing my older sister. #gotyoback
17. I really like/love swimming or being in the water. 
18. I used to be really obsessed with Jin tha MC & would talk to him over the phone while he was eating fruit & talking to his moms in Chinese.  
19. I go to sleep every night with CSPAN or CNN as my backdrop. 
20. Once got hit by a drunk driver & was called into jury duty that following summer to be a juror on the case of that SAME WOMAN who hit my car, who was trying to fight her DWI charge from that night. 
21. Think that you can find all sucky drivers behind the wheel of a mini-van, my theory is that it's usually a teenager who just got their L's and is rollin' around in the family van as their first vehicle, hence the horrendous driving skills (or lackthereof).
22. Sometimes think that I was really meant to be a boy. 
23. I wear make-up 6 days a week. I take a day off on Sundays. Ok, that completely contradicted factoid #22, but what if I was a boy that liked wearing makeup? Oh, that's called drag. 
24. Even though dogs have a lot of hair/fur, I always put a blanket on Charlie (my doggy) as if she's cold when she goes to sleep at night. 
25. I want a <3 like Sunday mornings. 

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